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I guess the very act of following her indicated my assent. I likeyou and I want you to do as well as me. I'm waiting for my cloths to be returned which are nowhere in sight as I look I don't move at which point she spanks my bottom and tells me to go on in less I want more. Myerection pressed against her firm thigh, but if she noticed she gave nomention. They pull on it, push on it, wiggle it, and sometimes while exploring their diaper they find some poop! Wavy, blackhair framed her beautiful, dark complexion. Here is a tale that has some potential.

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Is spanking ok and what kind of behavior warrants a spanking or just time out?

Then I couldhear her skirt rustling about the room behind me again, as I stood there with abulge in my jockeys. Then she spanked me again, several smacks in rapid succession. They did not see his authority as abusive, but appropriate. How about at your own home growing up, was your mother spanked? Itwas a small room, but a mirrored wall made the area seem larger. The size difference between you and he is considerable and would be very threatening. You spank them when they are doing something wrong, then when you aren't mad anymore, you talk to them and tell them why they got the spanking and that even though you spanked them, you still love them.

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Also the 40 tooth hub pick up is much better than the old hubs. A Lone Voice, your voice will be really lonely in the SSB doghouse if you keep up with the condescending remarks. Even the words used I think make some women question whether it is wrong or not. Young girls will also learn from the behavior and may find themselves with abusive men because of familiarity. I was awake and alive and never more than when I was bare and punished. All illusions of Independence faded quickly away and I immediately went into a negotiating strategy that lasted a second and a half and only made my Mother angrier.
It's the modern age, get with the times. Rather, please accept it as simply expressing a differing point of view. They are hard to control and can wrap around to hit a body part you didn't intend. Mom leads me to the corner of the family room with both of my hands rubbing my bare bottom trying to stop the sting and puts me about 6 inches from the corner and tells me to stand there and not move until she tells me I can. Was your church part of a particular denomination?

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